1. Tessas PetsTessas Pets
    Help Tessa create her two pets.
  2. Cuddles The KittenCuddles The Kitten
    Dress up this sweet little kitten.
  3. Dolphin DressupDolphin Dressup
    Dress up this cute dolphin with fun outfits.
  4. Makeover DesignerMakeover Designer
    You can create a boy, a girl or a cat and dress them up.
  5. King JulienKing Julien
    Dress up the funny lemur, king of Madagascar!
  6. Sonic CreatorSonic Creator
    Create your own Sonic like creature with lots of features, options and colors!
  7. Glamorous Tea PartyGlamorous Tea Party
    Rainbow Dash is hosting a tea party with all her friends. Help her decorate and dress up before her guests arrive.
  8. Friendly VeterinarianFriendly Veterinarian
    Dress up the new veterinarian and get her ready for helping the animals.
  9. Pony MakerPony Maker
    Design your own fabulous My Little Pony from head to toe, then dress her up!
  10. Blue Hippo DressupBlue Hippo Dressup
    Select an outfit for this funny looking hippo that will make him look stunning.
  11. My Favorite ToyMy Favorite Toy
    How would you like to design your own stuffed animal? Give it a try and see what your favorite toy looks like!
  12. Cute BunnyCute Bunny
    Dress up the cute bunny for a day in the fields.
  13. Toreador GirlToreador Girl
    Dress up the cool toreador girl!
  14. Circus AdventureCircus Adventure
    Dress up this beautiful lion tamer at the circus!
  15. I Love BirdsI Love Birds
    Dress this girl up for spending time with her favorite birds.
  16. Stylish Cat PetStylish Cat Pet
    Dress the cat in stylish clothes.
  17. Kitten MakerKitten Maker
    Create a kitten as you wish, add stripes, spots, dots and choose the proper color.
  18. Lovely Puppies WeddingLovely Puppies Wedding
    Dress the puppies up for a wedding.
  19. Cute Baby Rabbit Dress UpCute Baby Rabbit Dress Up
    Help the cute rabbit pick some nice clothes for a walk in the fields.
  20. Fashion PonyFashion Pony
    Give this magical fashion pony a great makeover.
  21. Dino BabyDino Baby
    Dress up this cute dino baby.
  22. Kitten vs PuppyKitten vs Puppy
    Dress up the kitten and the puppy in fun outfits.
  23. Little Girl and Her PetLittle Girl and Her Pet
    Dress the girl up with one of her cute outfits for a walk with her pet.
  24. Daisy Dog WalkerDaisy Dog Walker
    Dress yourself and your puppy up for a nice walk in the park.
  25. Cute Pet NurseCute Pet Nurse
    Dress up this nurse doll so that she can help the sick pets.
  26. Polar Bear Dress UpPolar Bear Dress Up
    Help Whitey the polar bear select some nice winter clothes to wear.
  27. Pet CreatorPet Creator
    Create all kind of cute animals by customizing the body parts and adding accessories.
  28. Cowgirl SweetieCowgirl Sweetie
    Dress this cute cowgirl up for a fun day at the ranch.
  29. Kitties and PuppiesKitties and Puppies
    Choose a puppy or a kitten and help your little friend look beautiful.
  30. Little Meowny Dress UpLittle Meowny Dress Up
    Help the cute little cat named Meowny get ready for his big adventure.
  31. My Glamour PetMy Glamour Pet
    Dress up your cute puppy with these fun animal outfits.
  32. Baby Tiger Dress UpBaby Tiger Dress Up
    Dress up this cute little tiger cub!
  33. The Coolest TurkeyThe Coolest Turkey
    The coolest turkey in the shed needs you to dress her up for Thanksgiving!
  34. Nurse Kitten Chan Dress UpNurse Kitten Chan Dress Up
    Choose cute dresses and accessories for our little nurse kitten.
  35. Dog Walking GirlDog Walking Girl
    Cindy is a professional dog walker. Help her dress up for her job.
  36. Cute Marie DressupCute Marie Dressup
    Dress up cute aristocat Marie in fun cat outfits.

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