1. Bratz Fashion QueenBratz Fashion Queen
    Dress up the Bratz girl with style.
  2. Bratz Dating Dress UpBratz Dating Dress Up
    Dress up the Bratz girl for her date.
  3. Medieval BratzMedieval Bratz
    Dress up the Bratz girl medieval style.
  4. Bratz FairyBratz Fairy
    Dress up the Bratz fairy with style.
  5. Chic Pretty Pastel BratzChic Pretty Pastel Bratz
    Dress up the Bratz girl with style.
  6. Bratz Nursing SchoolBratz Nursing School
    Dress up this cute Bratz nurse.
  7. Hippie BratzHippie Bratz
    Dress up the Bratz girl hippie style.
  8. Sheridan Bratz Dress UpSheridan Bratz Dress Up
    Dress up Sheridan Bratz with different styles and outfits.
  9. Bratz Pixiez FortunesBratz Pixiez Fortunes
    The flower will tell you your daily fortune.
  10. Bratz Dressup MakeoverBratz Dressup Makeover
    Dress up and make up one of these Bratz girls.
  11. Bratz Fashion ChristmasBratz Fashion Christmas
    Dress up this cute Bratz with Christmas outfits.
  12. Lil Bratz BabyLil Bratz Baby
    Jump from cloud to cloud and collect all the pets before time runs out.
  13. Bratz Flower GirlBratz Flower Girl
    Dress up the Bratz flower girl.
  14. Jade Bratz Dress UpJade Bratz Dress Up
    Dress up Jade Bratz with different styles and outfits.
  15. Cloe Bratz Dress UpCloe Bratz Dress Up
    Dress up Cloe Bratz with different styles and outfits.
  16. Chic BratzChic Bratz
    Dress up this cute Bratz with different styles and outfits.
  17. Christmas BratzChristmas Bratz
    Dress up this cute Bratz with Christmas outfits.
  18. Cute Bratz Dress UpCute Bratz Dress Up
    Dress up this cute Bratz with different styles and outfits.
  19. Bratz Kissing GameBratz Kissing Game
    Help out the Bratz girls kiss their lovers without getting caught.
  20. Bratz Fashion ShowBratz Fashion Show
    Give each Bratz girl a special look for the fashion show.
  21. Sasha From the BratzSasha From the Bratz
    Pick up clothes and cool accessories for the beautiful Sasha from the Bratz!
  22. Bratz Kidz Tale TwisterzBratz Kidz Tale Twisterz
    Create your own Bratz Kidz tale - fill in the blanks then read the story you wrote!
  23. Bratz Kidz Racing StarzBratz Kidz Racing Starz
    This is a multi-player game so brush up your skillz in practice mode before doing it for real!
  24. Bratz Ice ChampionsBratz Ice Champions
    Are you ready to skate like a star? Select a music, create your own moves and you could be the next Bratz Ice Champion!
  25. Bratz MashBratz Mash
    Is your future fashionable? Fill in the blanks with all your dream stuff, guys, career choices and cars, click the Spin button to set your future in motion and see how good it looks!
  26. Bratz Diamondz GlamBratz Diamondz Glam
    Match jewels and earn points! Click two neighboring tiles and swap them. When three or more tiles match in a row or column they will be removed and you will collect points.
  27. Bratz Room MakeoverBratz Room Makeover
    Help these nice Bratz girls design their room. Drag and Drop stylish, trendy, fashionable items to makeover your Bratz stylin' room.
  28. Bratz Perfect MatchBratz Perfect Match
    Show off your matching skillz with the Bratz Perfect Match! Click the tiles to turn them over and see what's underneath. Find as many matching tiles as you can and click the MATCH button.
  29. Bratz Love MeterBratz Love Meter
    How do you know whether that cute guy you always fancy likes you or not? By using this very cool love calculator.
  30. Bratz Babyz Fish TankBratz Babyz Fish Tank
    You'll have lots of fun with your fishy friends if you feed them and keep them healthy. They're Bratz fish, so of course they like to be in fashion. Surround them with funky tank decorations you can pick out yourself.
  31. Bratz Baby Mall CrawlBratz Baby Mall Crawl
    The goal is to find all your friends and the puppy before you can exit! Collect baby bottles for additional points. Running into Duane the bully will cause you to lose one of your friends or a bottle!
  32. Bratz Magazine MakeoverBratz Magazine Makeover
    You are the Bratz stylist! After you dress up your Bratz girl, make your own Bratz magazine cover by clicking on Go.
  33. Bratz Makin' UpBratz Makin' Up
    Bratz girls love having the perfect makeup! Pick a hairstyle and try on make-up by selecting either lips, eyes or blush. Create today's hottest make-up looks on your Bratz!
  34. Bratz Gettin' ReadyBratz Gettin' Ready
    Pick a Bratz doll, look at the picture and then find all the pieces of clothes the girl must wear by searching around the room.
  35. Bratz MakeoverBratz Makeover
    Create super stylin' looks for your favourite Bratz doll! Wash and dry her hair, do the make-up and nails and then click Done to see your creation!
  36. Bratz Babyz PonyzBratz Babyz Ponyz
    Pick your favorite Bratz Ponyz and let the fun begin. Every Ponyz needs a styling makeover just before the big show and you are the stylist!

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